Today I picked up a hazelnut-crusted field roast patty from Whole Foods, a staple in their deli section. Field roast is a delightful, local product that (I think?) graces the shelves of many a specialty store across the nation. It’s chewy and delicious, and isn’t meat to be a fake meat product. It’s hard to explain what it tastes like – nutty, savory, awesome. Crusted with hazelnuts takes it to the next level.

While I’ve had the item before on a fairly boring sandwich, tonight I decided to experiment. As I didn’t anticipate posting this on the blog I didn’t take pictures, but if folks are interested in a proper blog post, I’ll recreate the recipe later, pretty blog post-style 😀

A soft ciabatta-esque bun from a local bakery houses the field roast patty, a homemade vegan aioli (veganaise, crushed garlic, and a squeeze of fresh lemon), crisp slices of red bell pepper, baby spinach, and dijon.

Tastes pretty damned delicious on all levels. If I’d thought ahead, I’d put some super ripe avocado on this baby as well.

An excellent use of a pre-made product – anyone interested in a real blog post/recipe about this sandwich?