Hazelnut-crusted field roast? Yes please!

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Today I picked up a hazelnut-crusted field roast patty from Whole Foods, a staple in their deli section. Field roast is a delightful, local product that (I think?) graces the… Read More »

Avocado, grilled corn and hearts of palm chopped salad

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I first saw hearts of palm years ago on a menu at local Cuban restaurant Mojito. I was far less adventurous with the culinary world at the time, and… Read More »

Asian wrap with grilled peanut butter, miso and beer tofu and daikon slaw

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Today’s culinary inspiration is adapted from the folks at feeding my ohana – after my friend Dave posted a link to their version of a Sam Choy dish on Facebook, I knew… Read More »

sri lankan radish goodness

Sri Lankan-style radishes with curry leaves, tomato and aromatics

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Radishes = garnish. At least, that’s what I used to think. From peppery salad mix-ins to crisp taco toppings, radishes are rarely a leading lady. So color me surprised when… Read More »

Sweet sago pudding with dried plums, coconut milk and jaggery (sago kanjee)

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First up from Cook Kandalama Style is sago kanjee, which the book describes as “a coolant considered to take away the body’s ‘heat-ness’, and can be enjoyed any… Read More »

What is Jaggery?

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Jaggery has to be one of the coolest words ever. It’s also a type of unrefined, whole cane sugar found in Asia, Africa and Latin America, amongst other… Read More »

How I keep track of self-created recipes…

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So organized, neat and tidy! . . .. .. .. . … … .. o_o


What is Sago?

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While investigating recipes from the Sri Lankan Cook Kandalama Style book, I’ve run across a variety of unique ingredients, one of which is sago. At least. to me… Read More »

Pistachio, shitake mushroom and tomato spaghetti

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Though I haven’t been to the restaurant yet, I was intrigued by a menu item at The Golden Olive in Wallingford: Pistachio & Mushroom Spaghetti sliced mushrooms sautéed… Read More »

Cook Kandalama Style

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After a friend posted about the Heritage Kandalama hotel in Sri Lanka on Facebook the other day, I knew I needed to visit. But getting there would be… Read More »