Egyptian dukka with flatbread and olive oil

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It’s Egyptian, it’s made of toasted nuts and seeds, and it tastes damned good with flatbread and olive oil. It’s dukka! I first had this tasty treat while… Read More »

Fuurin-Oka Japanese Futon and Breakfast – a relaxing oasis on Bainbridge Island

In Reviews On June 13, 2012 7 Comments

After visiting Fuurin-Oka a few years ago, I fell in love at first sight. Nestled amidst a bamboo grove and serene Japanese garden, far away from the bustle… Read More »

black garlic

Black garlic – a savory, elusive treat

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After seeing the mysterious black garlic featured on both Chopped and Top Chef I needed to have it, but finding the item was difficult to say the least. Luckily the… Read More »

tasty falafel ingredients

Operation recreate the most amazing Lebanese falafel sandwich evar!

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Seattle is fantastic for seafood, coffee and fresh air – not so much for falafel. Here, a good sandwich consists of the usual patties, tomato, onion, lettuce, and either tahini… Read More »

I’m back!

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After a year of silence, I’m back! I fell off the wagon last year because frankly, those pictures were flat out embarassing. So after getting my first DSLR and… Read More »

fava goodness

Farro and fava bean salad with chives and lemon olive oil

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Today’s awesome dinner included a tricolor roasted pepper salad with capers, garlic, olives and parsley, and sliced tomatoes with french feta and super aged balsamic I brought back… Read More »

Eggplant sandwich w/tapenade, balsamic & roasted tomatoes

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I’m on vacation! And while I am, I’m finally tackling coming up with some interesting sandwich recipes from scratch. Today’s experiment involves eggplant, homemade tapenade, aged balsamic, slow-roasted… Read More »

Fusilli with baby artichokes, green garlic, spring onions and asparagus

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Vegan pasta with baby artichokes, spring onions, green garlic, asparagus, lemon zest and olive oil